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  • Yihai Group

    About Yihai Group →
    Yihai Dynamics
    Yihai Properties
    Yihai Real Properties, thus far, has developed a total construction area of 8 million ㎡, with developed projects widely scattered in New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shandong and Hunan...
    China's landscape The world map
  • beijing 北京市
  • linyi 浙江焦化
  • shanghai 长沙
  • changsha 台湾长沙
  • guangzhou 兰州
  • nanning 山东南宁
  • 广州市 、长春市
  • liuzhou 山东县城
  • wuhan 辽宁武汉
  • U.S.A 英格兰
  • Czech 印度
  • Serbia 阿尔及利亚
  • Dubai 迪拜
  • china 中华
  • Switzerland 荷兰
  • Beijing Campus
    Beijing Campus
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  • Yihai Education
    Yihai creates the first-class schools, conducts the first-class education and builds the time-honored brand.
  • Sichuan Campus
    Sichuan Campus
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  • Guizhou Campus
    Guizhou Campus
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  • Overseas Campus
    Overseas Campus
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  • Changsha Campus
    Changsha Campus
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  • Training Center
    Training Center
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  • Yihai Property Management
    Yihai Property Management
    Thus far, the service management area of Yihai Property Management Group is nearly 10 million m2, the number of served people is approximately 6.2 million
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    Promote the development of Yihai public welfare
    Promote social harmony and progress
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    Commercial Finance
  • Yuanhao Capital Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Shaping Asia (Beijing) Health Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Yihai Green Garden Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Andies’ Children Shopping Plaza